This program is perfect for people who...

  • suspect that there are certain foods causing symptoms like

    • overall digestive discomfort

    • bloating

    • stomach cramps

    • fatigue

    • joint pain

    • skin problems

  • are struggling to get to the root of the problem

  • feel like symptoms rule their life

  • know where every bathroom is on the way home

  • are unsure of what to eat anymore

Typical Conditions Affected By Food Sensitivities Are Inflammatory In Nature Such As...

  • digestive disorders like IBS , Chron's, Colitis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • autoimmune issues such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis

When will I start to feel better?

  • many people start to feel better and find relief around 10-14 days after starting

  • we will work together for 3 months to help make dietary changes that work for your body and get to the root of the problem

It will help you....

  • get to the root of your gut health problems

  • learn how to eat specifically for your body

  • find out your the specific foods causing you problems

What will this program cover?

This is a 3 month program that will guide you on your way to gut healing.  It will help you find relief with your digestive symptoms.

We will work together to identify foods that are causing you adverse reactions due to food sensitivities.  Using the MRT blood test with the LEAP protocol we will work to create a customized meal plan that is based on your reactive foods, chemicals, and any other goals and health concerns.

Together we will work on identifying food sensitivities and creating an eating and lifestyle plan that is personalized to you.

What is Included?

You will be given a personalized nutrition care plan after our first session.

I also want you to feel supported at each step of the process which is why this program also includes...

3 Months of Counseling Sessions/Support

  • 5 sessions

  • unlimited email support

Lab Testing

  • discounted cost for the MRT food sensitivity blood test which tests for 170 foods and some chemicals

Supplements (If Needed)

  • a 20% discount on professional grade supplements offered through my online dispensary

Meal Plan Ideas 

  • recipe ideas picked out just for you