Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


This Session Is Perfect For People Who...

not sure where to start, just have a few questions that they would like to discuss with a nutritionist or want a strategy session on what meal plan would be best for them and how to best incorporate it into their health goals

Investment: $195*

Want to learn more? Click here for more details about a mini consult.

*This is a one time, single session. For those that would like multiple sessions please check out the nutrition reset or gut reset program.



This 6 WEEK Program Is Perfect For People Who...

want to stop guessing on what they should be eating for their body, would like a clear plan on how to best optimize their health, and don't want to have to worry about counting calories


  • 3 sessions

  • unlimited email support for 6 weeks

Investment: $695

Want to learn more? Click here for more details about the nutrition reset.



This 3 MONTH Program Is Perfect For People Who Have...

irritable bowel syndrome (or other digestive problems like bloating or digestive discomfort), eczema (or other skin problems) , arthritis, Chron's, Ulcerative Colitis


  • 5 sessions

  • a blood test to identify the foods that are causing your symptoms and inflammation

  • unlimited email support for 3 months

Investment: $1485

Want to learn more? Click here for more details about the gut reset.



Nutritional Lab Tests 

Food Sensitivity Testing

If you suspect that certain foods might be making you sick or have fibromyalgia, IBS, or migraines then food sensitive testing can be very helpful. By utilizing a blood test (MRT) it takes the guesswork out of finding foods that trigger symptoms like diarrhea, pain, and bloating .  This test requires the purchase of the gut reset program.

Micronutrient Testing

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies play a big role in our overall health.  This test will assess your individual status of 35 components (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids).

Cardiometabolic Testing

This is advanced testing to assess three areas: glycemic control, lipid profile, and vascular inflammation.  This test goes beyond the standard cholesterol panel.

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