Testimonials From Past Clients


Having MRT testing was probably one of the best investments, both time and money-wise,  I've made in my own well-being in a long time, and Amanda made the journey informative and interesting. Although the process requires commitment, discipline and persistence on the part of the patient, if you suspect you are having food-related physiological issues, this testing can surely help you understand your body's relationship to food and start you on the road to healing your gut. If you're tired of not feeling at 100%, I urge you to take a chance on a food elimination program for a few months. Your body will thank you!

Changing diets is no easy task, but Amanda is a great resource and guide for making new and healthier eating habits.  I contacted her in order to gain more information on food sensitivities and appreciate that our dialogue was geared towards healthy and long term changes rather than dangerous diet tricks.  Amanda walked me through my test results and I felt confident about putting together meal plans that were grounded with information specific to my system.  I learned how to cook with new ingredients and what to buy that is still budget friendly.  It's been over 6 months since I made my dietary changes and I continue to feel better as time goes on.


I have been struggling with anxiety my whole life. It had become so much a part of my life I didn’t know which symptoms were caused by anxiety and which were my personality. It wasn’t until I was in my early 40s that I realized parts of how I was feeling and thinking were caused by anxiety. In 2013 I decided to tell my general practitioner about my anxiety and I was prescribed medication. I was feeling a little better, but not really.  Near the end of 2014, thanks to my husbands persistence, I started kettlebell classes two to three times a week. This helped with the medication and I was beginning to feel better but still not getting the results I wanted. I started having less anxiety but my stomach was upset everyday. I was in a horrible cycle of anxiety upsetting my stomach and then my stomach giving me anxiety. I went back to my general practitioner who referred me to a GI. After a CT scan and blood work I was diagnosed with IBS caused by anxiety. The GI gave me medication but it was only a short term solution. In addition he suggested a low fodmap diet which was very overwhelming and made even worse by the fact that I don’t enjoy cooking.

By doing a Google search I found Amanda Sauceda and scheduled our first phone meeting. She was  nice and professional and we seemed to hit it off right away.  At this point I was still skeptical about the diet but I was so miserable I was willing to give it a chance. In September we had our first face to face meeting. With the guidance and support of Amanda and the help of my husband (who made all my food!) I survived the first 10 days! After that I took it day by day adding in a new food every one to three days all the way through to the end of October. I have changed my diet for the better and now have the tools I need to help me get back on track if ever I need to.

The results were astounding and Amanda really helped me turn my life around. I no longer suffer daily symptoms. I think the most surprising result is that once my gut was back on track so was my mind. Overall I feel calmer and my anxiety has been greatly reduced. I am so glad I contacted Amanda that day and I am forever grateful for her guidance!  



I would recommend working with Amanda to anyone who has issues with food, diet, nutrition, stomach and intestinal issues, and who wants to manage with diet and knowledge of which foods are right for them to eat.  I found through food sensitivity testing that I was eating a lot of the wrong foods, and that eating a lot of foods that I did not know I was sensitive to brought on my colitis issues.

The one-on-one personal counseling sessions with Amanda were very encouraging and inspiring, and the fact that this is not a “one size fits all” diet.  This way of eating is based on what I am specifically sensitive to, and I have a lot of flexibility to add foods.  Also, I love the fact that Amanda uses Pinterest to pin food ideas especially for me!


I have issues with migraines and a few other conditions, I saw Amanda S. and she helped me figure out some of the food sensitivity I was having, Amanda also helped me to plan a daily food menu that was balance.  The assistance I received helped my migraines to decrease due to  avoiding the foods that were triggers for me. She was very supportive and she was quite informed about my medical conditions.  Amanda's  help  made me aware of what my body requires.  The information about my allergies to food has been priceless.  I have referred her to  several of my friends.